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HR Training / Taboo Topix

Harassment Prevention Delivered

Through Live Theatre


Taboo Topix: Harassment Prevention Delivered through A Live Theatre Performance

At Valuable Resources, Co. our training division, Taboo Topix, creates content for, and delivers training on the prevention of discrimination, bullying and harassment in the workplace through, live theater performance. Taboo Topix was specifically created for an effective way to educate and retain the information on workplace harassment prevention.

Our human resources consulting division works with you as an on-site strategic partner providing HR support and integrating HR strategy with business strategy. Our consultants have more than 20 years of HR experience.


Taboo Topix

Our customizable harassment prevention program is designed to engage and discuss harassment prevention resulting in a proactive, compliant and safe work environment.

Training in Action

Our actors reenact authentic situations. They demonstrate the simplicity of how words and/or behavior can be misconstrued leaving a disruptive wake.
A forum discussion facilitated by a trained professional follows.

Demonstrating the hidden cost of harassment

Taboo Topix mitigates Your employment practices liability by

  • Demonstrating the perception and the interpretation of harassment discrimination and bullying
  • Providing solutions to effectively communicate difficult conversations
  • Setting expectations and standards for accountability
  • Interpreting employment compliance and the importance and implications when not adhered to.

Staggering Statistics

  • Currently 16% of men report sexual harassment
  • 2017 Retaliation Makes Up 45.9% discrimination charges
  • 2017 Races makes up 35% of Discrimination charges
  • 2016 LGBT community recovered $4.4 million for sex discrimination
  • 2015 $160ML paid in lawsuits in harassment

Understanding Complex Situations through theatre

Taboo Topix is the solution to prevent distraction to productivity, acknowledge our own subconscious biases, and to replenish humility.
Each unique performance engages our audience to better foster acceptance and to appreciate each of our differences.