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Behind the Scenes

Harassment Prevention Delivered

Through Live Theatre

Writing Content

All of our content has been written based on true instances that have happened to individuals in the workplace. Each performance is customized to our clients’ needs and industry.


Meet the team that creates harassment prevention themed skits for and businesses companies around the country.

Meet our Cast

Learn about how all of our performances are put together and the team that helps create harassment prevention themed skits for businesses around the country.

Laurie Huspen

Title VII, HR, author, content

Founded VRC in 2003 | Founded Taboo Topix 2012

Kevin Quinn

Public Relations

Started with VRC in 2014

Irene Currie

Actor, Improv

Started with Taboo Topix in 2012

Taboo Topix Team

Diana Oshiro (left) – Actor
Irene Currie (middle) – Writer
Carolyn Larsen (right) – Improv