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HR Consulting

Harassment Prevention Delivered

Through Live Theatre

Change Management

We help you create a strategic realignment by designing impactful and measurable initiatives to enhance organizational agility. We can help you with situations like:

  • Do you have the right people in the right positions?
  • Are your hiring procedures consistent?
  • Are your job descriptions up to date? Do they reflect the position your business needs to excel?
  • Need help communicating difficult feedback?

Culture Transformation

VRC assists with changing your company culture by implementing process improvements to enhance employee retention and morale. We can help you with situations like:

  • Have you gone through a merger or acquisition and you need to merge two different cultures?
  • Has your leadership team been reorganized, and your employees need to adjust to the change?
  • Have you gone through a company-wide layoff and you need assistance with maintaining or improving employee morale?

Compliance Education

VRC helps you uncomplicate compliance. Our technique fosters acceptance and creates fairness and consistency. We can help you with situations like:

  • Have you had a harassment complaint and not sure how to investigate it?
  • Is your employee handbook and current policies up to date?
  • Do you offer job performance development for employees to excel or be promoted?
  • How often do you conduct training?