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What’s an I-9 form you ask??

Valuable Resources is a boutique of innovative professionals focused in 3 C's: Change Management Culture Transformation Compliance Education Regardless if you’re a Trump supporter or otherwise, despite the talk we’ve been hearing to “Make America Great...

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Not all change is good or bad!!

Change Not all change is good or bad! But it's coming! As friendly reminder, we as employers have a responsibility to protect the mission of each of our organizations. We also have to adhere to changes in our legislation. We understand that there are...

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Don’t Let HR Hire Sales People

Don’t let HR hire sales people!? I came across this article Don’t let HR hire sales people. The author states that he hopes he didn’t offend any HR people.  It was quite the opposite. His comments made me realize, as an HR professional, HR needs to increase their...

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